IMBAS International School of Music welcomes students of all ages and musical aspirations.

At IMBAS, we believe that anyone who wants to play music can learn how.

Our goal is to help our students discover their potential and learn the joy of making music.

We are committed to making sure our students are equipped with all the skills necessary for musical expression.


The school was founded in 2018 by Erica Mulcahy in Cascais, Portugal. The impetus being a need for a modern, dynamic approach to music instruction for students in the area.

The word “imbas” means inspiration in Old Irish. 

We are a small, growing international school with a new take on the teaching of an ancient discipline.

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We believe

Music is a universal language. While not everyone knows how to speak it, instinctively we can all understand it in our own way.


Learning an instrument requires focus, discipline, and determination.


Playing music has the transformative power to connect people to themselves and to the people around them.