What We Are

Located in the Cobre neighborhood of Cascais, we create passion.  We call our collective “IMBAS”, a medieval Irish word that means "inspiration,” because sparking creativity is the core of our work. IMBAS offers students of all ages, places, and backgrounds a place to discover life through artistic expression. Across mediums - visual art, musical performance, body connection - we hold space for cultivating your growth. IMBAS invites the community to come together in fostering the talent of our neighbors. 


IMBAS is a cultural cooperative geared towards making a community of art and culture in the Cascais-Lisbon area. We were founded in 2018 by Erica Mulcahy, who envisioned creating a space for art and culture within Portugal. We currently have three different creative facets: music, art, and yoga. Within these three areas we aim to achieve multigenerational passion for the arts in people of all abilities, ages, and cultures. Our overall mission is to inspire our students towards creativity and personal development.

Our Space

Located in Cascais the space is designed to inspire. In a villa tucked away in the neighborhood of Cobre, we have designed an open and light space for our students to feel comfortable fostering their talent. The building holds space for a yoga studio, art studio, and multiple music rooms for both private and group lessons.