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At IMBAS, we understand that people learn in different ways. Our teachers adapt their teaching styles to fit their students' learning styles.

What motivates the student? What inspires the student?

These are the questions the teacher aims to answer in the introductory phases of learning.

At our school we know that the best way to achieve results is not through criticism but through incentivisation. By establishing the goals and motivations of the student early on, we set clear targets and provide a learning structure that supports investigation, creativity and hard work.

Learning music is a process that takes years and many hours of dedicated practice, but it doesn't need to be boring! We make performance an integral part of the learning experience. Students learn from the outset that music is not a competition, music is a language and the purpose of it is communication, connection and freedom of expression.  





If you never try, you never know! We love when our students are inventive and creative! 

We encourage all of them to try out different instruments and we often incorporate different instruments into the lessons.

It is never too soon to start composing or arranging music either and, no matter whether the student is a classical pianist or a heavy metal drummer, we push them to try new things!

Learning an instrument requires focus, determination and discipline. We instill in our students the need for quality over quantity. 10 minutes of focused practice every day can achieve a lot of progress in the initial phases of development. As the level increases,  so does the time required. 

We provide support to our students as to how to structure their home-practice so that they can get the most benefit from the time spent on their instrument.

We host concerts regularly. They play a vital role in helping students to learn how to cope with nerves and pressure even in the initial phases of learning. 

We have a wonderful community of evolving musicians and it is powerful to witness them support one another through their respective learning journeys.

As well as concert performances, we prepare our students for exams and we are proud to have a 100% success rate with ABRSM exams.

Above all else, learning music should be fun!

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