At IMBAS, we understand that people learn in different ways. The advantage of teaching lessons one to one is that we can tailor each lesson to suit the particular needs of each individual student.

When it comes to learning music, our belief is that even if a student has never learned music before, every student arrives to the first lesson with some knowledge and understanding. 
This is why we make sure to establish the student’s motivations, interests and goals from first day.  
We use the strengths of the student to guide the evolution of their learning. In this way we develop the student’s natural musical instincts while simultaneously building confidence.

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Learning an instrument requires focus, determination and discipline. 
We instill in our students the need for quality over quantity. 
10 minutes of focused practice every day can achieve a lot of progress in the initial phases of development. As the level increases,  so does the time required. 

We provide support to our students as to how to structure their home-practice so that they can get the most benefit from the time spent on their instrument.



If you never try, you never know!

We encourage all of our students to try out different instruments and we often incorporate other instruments into the lessons.

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Every year, twice a year, we arrange a big concert in Cascais.
It is the perfect opportunity to show off everything you have been working on!

As well as concert performances, we prepare our students for exams. We are proud to have a 100% success rate with ABRSM exams.

Above all else, learning music should be fun!