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Membership benefits include weekly individual lessons, mentorship, performance opportunities, free attendance to concerts, community-building events, rooms for practice, use of the garden and pool, and discounts on attending other courses and services. Join us today and become part of our inspiring community.


what's included

Before signing up for an IMBAS membership, students should arrange a trial lesson so that their skill level can be evaluated, goals established and so that they can be paired with the right teacher. If you haven't already done so, please arrange your trial lesson here

Once established, IMBAS members are entitled to weekly lessons during term time. Check our calendar dates here

As well as smaller, more informal concerts, we host a big Christmas concert and Summer concert every year!

We host regular masterclasses for classical piano as well as workshops in a variety of disciplines. Attendance is free or discounted for IMBAS  members.

We encourage our members to attend, participate and perform at our many events and garden parties. Members are invited to our annual Spring Fair which includes games for the whole family, crafts, snacks and more! We also welcome the input and involvement of our members and their families for ideas for events. 

We welcome our members to make use of our garden, pool, games, practice rooms and many instruments. As a member of IMBAS you have the opportunity to book a room for practice. Instruments available for use include: acoustic piano, digital piano, guitar(acoustic and electric), bass, drums, microphone(s), ukelele, violin and amplification. 


Following the student's initial trial, membership can be made with our administration. Enrolment is subject to a €30 registration fee. IMBAS music membership is paid monthly, at the start of each month, ten months a year. During July and August payment is suspended as the regular academic activities are interrupted for summer camps. Family members of existing students and members learning multiple instruments are entitled to discounted memberships. To arrange a trial lesson, request a membership enrolment form and full list of membership fees contact us here.


In the event that a teacher is sick or unavailable, a substitute teacher will be provided by the school.

*If it is not possible to provide a substitute teacher, a make-up lesson will be scheduled at a time convenient for the student.

**If it is not possible to schedule a make-up lesson within the same term, the lesson shall be carried forward to the first month of the following term.

In the event that a student is sick or unavailable, notice must be given to the teacher or to the school.

For weekday lessons we require notice by 9am of the same day. For weekend lessons we require 24 hours notice.

Lessons that have been cancelled with due notice may be re-scheduled with the teacher within the same term.

*There is a maximum of 2 lessons that can be re-scheduled on account of the student per term. 

**If the student does not give notice the lesson will be forfeited.  

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